The Alestrion Chronicles

The Clockwork Golem

So excited to announce the release of my first Steampunk work of fiction.
The Clockwork Golem 
Now available on or now in my web store.

Allís not peaceful on the planet Tanul. While the pirates that were responsible for the enslavement of the planets children have been defeated, treachery still lurks the halls of the palace. The Kingís advisor, Galdon, is no longer happy with his role. He wants more, even if it means the death of his best friend King Alistare to accomplish it. Things continue to unfold with the discovery of Alestrion, the great phoenix and the revelation of Galdonís dark master Techneon. Prophesies begin to come to pass when a young girl named Aria is rescued from a life of slavery. She becomes the planets best-known griffin pilot, but that is not the role she was created for.

and coming soon book two The Alestrion Chronicles: The Promise of Eight.

when war forces Aria into a role she isn't prepared for, will she 
have what it takes to become the leader she's meant to be?