The Alestrion Chronicles

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The Clockwork Golem


Sara Freedman's life treatens to tear apart as e tries to live in different worlds: As Osyka, Choctaw orphan whose clan was destroyed by the Alien Rex invaders: As Professor of Botany and creator of the sought-after fragrances of Osyka Botanicles, Doctor Freedman. But by far her most dangerous identity is The Suffragette, a spy who must be stopper at any cost. Can Sara work with the Rex government's ultimate weapon? Will three words be enough to turn a distrusted enemy into a most trusted ally? 

Ethan lives his life in a skin of steel and bronze. His life force fules the Rex's most powerful weapon. He could live forever, but at what cost? When he crosses paths with the most wanted woman in the empire will duty or heart prevail?

Good for ages 12-90

Science Fiction/ Steampunk  195 pages

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