The Alestrion Chronicles

On Griffins

Welcome friends. On this page we'll explore "facts" of the griffin. 

   The griffin is a creature that is half lion half eagle; the front half having the head and talons of an 
eagle and the back half of a lion including the tail.One unique feature of the griffin are the equine-like 
"ears" that are able to lay flat against the skull to reduce drag. Standing at 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall with a 
wingspan of 5 to 9 meters across griffins come in all colors from a golden dune to bandit (black "mask" 
on a white face.)the large wings allow them to reach a flight speed of 80 kph. 

   Found in the wild forests and deserts of Tanul the griffin is a solitary animal coming together only once 
every four years to mate. A mature female lays one egg in a nest often hidden in caves. According to  the egg is incubated by a form of fire "magic". but "science" has shown that the 
gem like egg is incubated by surrounding stones that give off a radiation level of 5 millirems. Any higher 
or lower and the chick will die. 

     through the years some griffins have given up their solitary lifestyle to for a partnership with people.
In this partnership the people have gained companionship and help with doing tasks that it would take fifty to
do. The griffins have gained a  way to do what they love and that is show off. One of the ways to show off  
is participating in the races. Rules vary between standard race and festival races; a standard race rules are griffin
and rider must complete three laps around a course in the fastest time. No actions that could cause harm to the 
griffin or rider are allowed.  Moves would include but are not limited to talon combing, hard winging, and feather 
plucking.  Festival races are individual events where  the racers race to beat their opponents best time and to gain style 

     Griffins communicate in two ways verbal and mental. verbal communication consists of squeeks, chitters, chips and
squawks. Mental communication also known as telepathy is used when the individual person has the ability. Griffins 
will often chose to partner with a telepath so as to make communicaing easier. eventually the telepath will come to 
learn the verbal signals.